Majikick企画 シンセ・トゥ・ナイト

出演 John Chantler(ROOM40)植野隆司(テニスコーツ)
   YPY、Don't DJ(ドイツ)

日時 7月19日(火)
開場 19:00
開演 19:30

予約 2,300円(ドリンク別)
当日 2,500円(ドリンク別)


○当日は整理番号順の入場となります。 整理番号は予約完了メールにてお知らせいたします。


John Chantler is a musician and organiser living in Stockholm, Sweden.
This August Chantler releases 'Which way to leave?’, his latest LP for Lawrence English’s ROOM40 label.
The self-reflexive sequencing that tracks the sub-harmonic series in the opening blast of 'Falling Forward' positions the record as Chantler's most explicitly melodic. These melodies however do not exist in a mono-dimensional vacuum, rather they co-exist in a meshed framework of dynamic timbral layers.
The record’s abrupt cuts, deft variations of density and unexpected diversions are happily explored with headlong dives into ravishing texture and extended stretches of surface stasis. The music draws on a domestic reimagining of the traditions of studio based electronic music/musique concrete and 20th century minimalism and delivers this with brash revitalized energy.
This new LP follows ‘Still Light, Outside’ an extended suite that combines passages of stark minimalism centred at the bodily invasive extremes of the pipe organ’s register with striking explosions of colour; massed chords shot through with heavy distortion and electronics that operate according to their own dream logic. It was described as ‘strikingly beautiful’ by The Guardian.


さやと植野隆司のバンド。結成20年、コラボレーションを含めたアルバムが20 作を超えた。2015年『Music Exists Disc1、2』を、本年は『Music Exists Disc3』を主宰するmajikickより連続リリース。制作、販売に至るまでテニスコーツ主体で行うプロジェクトとして現在も続編を進行中。